WP Form Review(Updated)

Not like some other reviews, we actually used our money to buy a premium plan of wpform and review it. You might be surprised at how many websites do not even TEST the product they are reviewing, or some better websites might try the free plan. But we bought wpform’s premium plan.

We first tested the WPForm basic plan, which costs 39.5 dollars when in 50% discount, we are lucky enough to catch that discount. Actually, WPForm is at discount most of the time. So if you are on a tight budget, just wait for a discount to pop up!

The bad side:

Actually, when I bought the basic plan, I wasn’t too happy about it. I feel like I haven’t even upgraded yet! I cannot do almost everything, I only got one or two more features. I do not even get to accept payment! But I still choose not to get money back, because I didn’t bother to do all sorts of reasoning for my 39.5 dollars.

I still do not have some blocks even after I buy the premium, and then look at this!

I cannot connect my form to that whole list of items! Now look at this.

The new list of things I cannot do. No payment! I upgraded and gave my money, instead of seeing that I unlocked almost all features, I see all these pro feature stuff. WPForm cost me more than hosting! At least at the start.

The good side:

Okay, I said a lot of bad things about WPForm, but now for the good side. I am using WPForm at this very moment on this very website. I know, why am I still using WPForm, I actually have 2 reasons:

  • I do not bother changing
  • It does the job

Yes, that is all, I know, not so positive, but it is important too! Doing the job right is sometimes all you want! I can get submissions for feedback, and I can let my customers call me for help. I am not talking about WPForm as a good company, they are not bad I guess, but yes, WPForm does the job.


Basically, If you want a form creator that does the job, WPForm should be it, but if you want a form creator that lets you access all features or at least most for a reasonable cost, then WPForm is not it. And you should look elsewhere.

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