Should I update to Windows 11?

A tough decision, should you update to windows 11? Well, It really depends on what you want.

Quick Answer:

You SHOULD update to windows 11 if you want to try something new AND you also have a lot of free storage.

You should NOT update to windows 11 if you are running out of storage OR your computer isn’t very fast.


Because Windows 10 is one of the best-operating systems(In my opinion), Microsoft had to try very hard to persuade us into updating to windows 11, which is not an easy task.

It took them more than a year to get 25% of us to do the switch. It is also a bit suspicious to me that windows 11 is free.

But I updated to windows 11, I can’t see anything terrible about it at first glance, however, errors do go up a bit more than I would like.

Microsoft Windows 11 problem

I can’t say I am too impressed with Windows 11, however, it’s not that bad. I believe that it’s usable. (Maybe barely)


Windows 11 is not a disaster, a very great interface and design, just a bit too many features, and a very flashy OS.

Windows 11 interface

One last thing, windows 11 almost makes me feel like using a macOS. One day, you will have to make the switch, so why not make it now?