Top games that require no download

Note: This article is still updating is a game where you spawn as a snake, you eat small dots to grow bigger, if your head touches the body of other snakes, you die and become food which other snakes eat to become bigger. is completely free.

Trap from Scratch:

Trap is another completely free game where you try not to touch lasers or fire to try to get to the blue portal. The laser disappears after a while. When you reach the portal, you go to a new level.

Big Fish Eats small Fish:

This game is all about eating fish smaller than you to get bigger, and do not get eaten by fishes bigger than you! This game get’s fun when you start growing big!

Stickman World Fight:

A very thrilling game where you have control over a whole army! Such a fun game, for completely free! The game is so thrilling, I hope all the games are that fun.

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