The Best Javascript Frameworks(Ranked)

You would need a Javascript Framework(sometimes even multiple frameworks) to make a decent website. Today, we’ll be going over the top choices and deciding which Javascript framework you should use.

React: The Most Popular Javascript Framework

Even though some do not consider React as a Javascript Framework, React can do almost anything a Javascript framework can do. React can even be paired with other Javascript Frameworks to enhance its functionality too.

SEO FriendlyNot as many Features
Components can be ReusedDocumentation not as clear
Decent load timesJSX can be overwhelming
React Comparison

React does not work like some other frameworks, it combines the two into a language called JSX. Which basically is the combination of HTML and Javascript, allowing you to write HTML in Javascript.

React is also component-based, allowing you to reuse the code you wrote before.

Vue: The fastest and most liked Javascript Framework

Vue is not as popular as React but still makes quite remarkable considering it was only developed in 2014. It is extremely Lightweight, only using up to 18k of storage if installed as a zip. By far the easiest framework to learn(followed by React).

FastNot suitable for larger projects
Extremely LightweightLack of experienced developers
Vue Comparison Chart

Vue is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks, having the most Github stars out of all the other ones covered on this list.

AngularJS: Best for building Larger Projects

AngularJS is the framework in a popular technology stack called the MEAN stack.

  • M – MongoDB
  • E – ExpressJS
  • A – AngularJS
  • N – NodeJS
Good for bigger projectsReally Complex
Use of typescriptLarge learning curve
AngularJS comparison chart

AngularJS uses Typescript, a programming language that is quite similar to Javascript. AngularJS is also built extremely complicated, making it not beginner friendly at all.

NodeJS: Most active community

NodeJS is a popular backend framework that is heavily used by lots of developers worldwide. It’s highly scalable and open-source, making it one of the best backend frameworks on this list.

FastDifficult to maintain
Active CommunitySingle-Threaded
NodeJS comparison chart

NodeJS is not a frontend framework, meaning that you would need to pair it up with a frontend framework to make any proper website, but it’s quite a decent backend framework used by millions of developers worldwide.

Lit: The lightweight framework

Lit is a really beginner-friendly Javascript framework, developed by Google. Lit is extremely simple and lightweight.

Small and lightweightNot as popular
Beginner friendlyNot as feature-rich
Lit comparison chart

Lit is not as widely used as the other frameworks on this list, to be honest, I have never heard of it before researching this article. But after looking at its documentation and testing it out myself, I believe Lit is still a decent framework.


Now, which framework should you use? There are a lot of options on Javascript frameworks out there, but which one is the best? The only way you can really answer that question is to test them out! But I’ve created this table below based on my personal opinion.

Best if you want a lightweight frameworkLit, Vue
Best if you want a popular frameworkReact, Vue
Best if you want to find a jobReact
Overall comparison chart

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