The 3 best scratch games

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Hi, If you are here, you might be finding a game to copy, or you just want to play a game and have some rest from a hard day. I tested a LOT of scratch games, one then another, and found 3 scratch games that I think you will enjoy a lot.


This might be one of my all-time favourites from my testing. Because it is so simple. The main concept is not to get bombed by other ships, you can shoot them down, you can also get laser power-ups!

Why I like this game the most is because that the game has no extra complex buttons, just play!

Link to shoot: Click Here

Battle Bound:

This game is kind of complicated, but I still figured out how to play battle bound. Battle bound is multiplayer, meaning that you play online with other real players! This might cause spam, or rudness, but in general, battle bound is still kind of fun.

Link to Battle Bound: Click Here

Okay, there is the real game at, but the one in scratch shows how the game is coded, and it is easier to reach first place in scratch, my high score in the real is 100 and something, but I got to second place on scratch! So why not try both?

Link to Click Here

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