Should you add LiveChat to your website?

Live chat is a good customer support tool, I think live chat is good for some websites. If your website is a service website, live chat is worth it. But if your website is an informational website, then well, it depends. Below, I made some bold headings, please skip to the part which describes your website the most.

For example, if your website teaches people how to fish, go to informational website, if your website is a store, go to online store.

Informational website:

Informational websites are websites that teach people how to do things, it is easy for people to get confused. So I would recommend having some kind of support on your website. For Example, our website is an informational website, so we are thinking about having a chatbot. If you have the time, please answer the below form, if you do not want to answer that form, just skip below this form.

We want your email to contact you about updates on this topic, if you want to keep your ideas anonymous, just do not enter your email.
Your idea matters, what do you think?

Okay, so now to the answer, is live chat worth it? I know you won’t like this answer, but I got to say it, or I will be lying, it depends. I know,” it depends” is the WORST answer ever. But I would recommend asking your target audience what they think. After all, your goal is to try to support them!

Online Store:

Answer: Add a Livechat

This is straightforward, an online store needs livechat. That is required. I know, most online stores don’t have live chat, because live chat costs, not only the product, but you need to hire agents to do the live chat!

If you have the money and time, add a live chat.

Pursuasive website:

If your website is trying to persuade readers to take action, live chat is worth it. Your audience will feel a kind of connection between you and them.

If you really want a readers to do something or buy something, a livechat is worth it.

Other websites:

Basically, if your website is trying to pursuade readers in anyway, you should add a live chat.


I definitely think live chat is worth the cost for most websites. Live chat would make a connection between you and them.

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