Let google sheets calculate automatically(Easy)

This is a very easy guide to let google sheets calculate things automatically. It might be easier than you think!

The first and the last step:

In your google sheet, highlight any two squares, you do that by clicking on a square, then hold shift and press the right arrow key.

Follow the instructions

Now you should have 2 squares highlighted, you can proceed to the next step, if you are having trouble completing this step, you can always contact us.

Now you will need to press the functions button, which is located at the right of your tools.

Press where I pointed

After you press the functions button, you will have a list of functions you can choose from, for this tutorial, we will practise adding the two blocks and ejecting the answer in the next block to the right. It is okay if you do not understand what I am saying.

The next step is simple, press the functions button I pointed at, then Press sum.

Press sum, the sum should be at the top of the list if you are using a laptop.

You are basically finished now, test your results! See if it will work!

1+2 = 3

As you can see above, I entered 1 and 2 and I got 3, change 1 to 2 maybe?

2+2 = 4

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