How to improve your website SEO (Works!)

Most SEO guides tell you to change your meta tag, install their SEO plugin and so on. This guide is different, we will just tell you 2 things to do. 1 is optional. We will also cover some other ways at the end too, all of them, or at least most of them are unique from other articles.

The first way to improve your SEO:

Make unique content. Not good, unique. Why? Simple, all websites think they are making good content, well nearly all, some might just make trash content. But there are billions of websites in the world, why you? Simple, your website has a goal and an approach that other websites do not have. This depends on your website topic, a technology website should not be outdated, should be reliable, and in my point of view free.

If your niche is food, then your recipes should be easy to follow, and work. That is all, provide unique content and approach. This is the first step to success. This way will be slow, I warn you, but it is good if you want long term success. If you spend cash on google ads, you will get a short burst of visitors(maybe), then your visitors will not come back. People do not like ads. That is why we do not put ads. How slow, depends if you follow our second way, an average website will take a few months to start getting a lot of visitors.

The Second way to improve your SEO:

This way is way easier than the first way, it involves letting us do work for you, I know, why will we do it for you? Easy, if we ask you to pay for it, we won’t be FREE technology help. We will be paid technology help. We will do our best to help allour customers grow their website.

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Blacklink Exchange:

Now time for some other ways, one good one would be backlink exchange. Backlink exchange is the prosess of you giving a backlink to someone else and they giving you a backlink in return. Some good websites to do Backlink exchanges are:

  • website)

Niche: Technology


Niche: WordPress and marketing


Now for a summary, make unique content and submit that form. 1 easy, 1 not so easy, I recommend doing both, I cannot do anything for you if you do not have anything after all. Blacklink Exchange is also a good idea.

If you do not have a website yet, I recommend reading this guide.

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