How to start an Email campaign on WordPress for free

If you have any problems, you can contact us from our contact page for personal assistance. This guide is not sponsored or paid to write. It is based on 100% experience and facts. Now read on to start your first email campaign!

Step 1 of creating your email campaign – Install mailpoet:

This step is reasonably simple, just go to your WordPress dashboard, then hover over plugins.

Press add new

Then press add new, which will bring you to a search screen. In the search bar, search mailpoet.

I already did this step

Press the button I pointed at, it should show install instead of what my one said. After you press install, the install button should change to activate, which you should press, then your screen will look like my screen.

Step 2 – Set up mailpoet:

You should see this on the left side of WordPress.

Go to the mailpoet website, then press account.

Then you should press mailpoet 3, now you should be able to set up your mailpoet account. After that, copy the API key you will find here.

Copy the API key under your domain, and go back to WordPress. Now go to the settings part of the mailpoet plugin.


Now enter your API key here.

When you enter your API key, mailpoet should download a .zip file to your device. Now hover over plugins, press add new, then press upload plugin.

Then upload your zip file, after that, enable the plugin. Now you have mailpoet all set up! You can contact us on our contact page anytime you need help!

Step 3 – Create your subscribe form:

Hover over mailpoet, then press forms this time. Now press new form:

MailPoet should let you select your theme. Choose anything you like! After you finish customising your theme, press form placement. Tick any option you like, then press the setting icon.

Now check both these options:

Now press save or publish, different screens are different, anyway, the button should be at top right. Now you have finished creating your first form!

Now you can start waiting for new subscribers!

Step 4 – Send your first email

Now go to the email column of your mailpoet plugin.

When you are there, press new email.

Now you should be able to choose from a newsletter, a welcome email, and the latest post notification. For this part, we are going to choose newsletter. Again, you will be able to select your template.

Choose any template you want, then you can start customising! I will just tell you how to do some basic functions.

To edit text, you just click on the text you want to edit. But Mailpoet does have a very cool feature I like, called smart tags. To use smart tags, click on the place you will like to use it, then press on the M at the very right of the bottom line of features. Then you can choose a smart tag!

A smart tag is a tag that shows differently to each user, which I personally think is very cool.

After you finish writing your newsletter, press save, then press next. Fill out the form mailpoet wants you to fill, then press send.

press send

Now you sent a newsletter to all your subscribers!

Any questions, contact us from our contact page! You can access that by scrolling to the top of this page, then press contact, fill out the form, and we will be in touch!

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