How to make a website for less than $50

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Website for what! $50, yes, you heard me right. What’s more? A website is better than most websites on the internet! And you can even get your money back within 97 days! So you have nothing to lose!

What you get for $50:

  • Professional email
  • Hosting(How your website is online)
  • free)
  • Website virus scan
  • Premium website builder

Part 1 Of making your website:

Use the $50. First, go to the Dreamhost website: press this to go there.

Okay, you should be at the Dreamhost website now. Hover over hosting, then press shared hosting. Part of your screen should look like this:

I recommend you choose shared unlimited, but you can choose shared starters if you want. Follow the instructions to buy your plan. I recommend you buy at a term of 1 year. I do not recommend choosing 3 years. Anyway, when you check out, Dreamhost would want you to check or uncheck some boxes.

I recommend you only check pre-installed WordPress, and uncheck everything else. You can check some of the other ones, but I do not recommend checking google workspace. Because DreamHost provides their own professional emails for free if you bought shared unlimited, you can add it for shared starters, but it will cost extra.

After you bought Dreamhost, Dreamhost will tell you to set your password, you do not have to tell me that, but I recommend you choose a secure one.

So you have choosen your password, you might have to wait for Dreamhost to check your account. You will have to wait for Dreamhost to install WordPress. If you do not know when Dreamhost Finnish installing WordPress, just wait for 30 minutes after your account is approved.

After that, click this:

That would bring you to a screen where you can see all your websites. At the top right, switch to grid view if you are not in already. Now press WordPress:

That should bring you directly to WordPress.

Part 2:

Make your website secure. Go back to your Dreamhost dashboard, press this:

secure certificate

Then press settings next to your domain, after that, press add the certificate. That will secure your website and show secure here:

Now hover over appearance, then click theme:

Your screen might look different to mine.

Then press this:

This will bring you to a search, just search for a theme you like and download then activate the theme.

Your theme will control the looks of your website, so a good theme is very important. If you are struggling, we reccomend choosing a default one that is already there, for example:

We actually used that theme. Now that you have a theme, you can start making your website!

Now the exciting part comes! First hover over pages, then click all pages. That should bring you to a list of pages, delete all of them.

Press trash

Now that you did them to all the pages, do them to posts.

Now that you have a nice clean website, make your website homepage!

Part 3 Making Homepage:

Now go to pages, add new:

This should bring you to a page editor. That is where you write your content.

First, add a title, you should be able to do that at the top of your page.

Then, press the blue plus sign:

That will bring you to a place where you can search for a feature, I recommend searching for paragraphs so you can write some content. You can paste images directly too!

After you Finnish making your homepage, press publish, it should be at the top right corner. Then you can press the WordPress icon:

At top left

That should bring you back to the original spot. Now hover over settings(You might have to scroll down).

Hover over Settings, then press reading:

Then you should see this:

Press static page, and choose your homepage from the dropdown.

You created your HOMPAGE!

More Pages + Submit to google

Now use the method you did to your home page to all your other pages!

After you have a reasonable of pages, consider making a menu. To do that, hover over Appearance, then click menu:

That will let you add a menu, choose a name then press create menu. Then click the primary menu.

Now add some pages to your menu. Check some pages that you like then press add to menu:

Then press save menu and you are all completed!

Time to put it on google! You actually have 2 choices, with jetpack or with AIO SEO. It will not make any difference, it is just two ways for a goal. So we will just stick with jetpack.

Hover over a plugin, then press add new:

Now go to search and search Jetpack:

Now find Jetpack, click install, then click activate:

Now go to jetpack settings:

Now that you are in settings, click traffic:

Now scroll down to site verification, and verify it with google, this is what your screen should be like when you finish verifying your website:

You could contact us if you have any problems:

Please enter the number 1

Now that you have finished your website, it is time to let someone see your website! If you care about people getting to your website, I would recommend you reading this SEO guide.

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