How to make a famous youtube channel

Almost every youtube channel owner wants their youtube channel to get famous. But only the top few gets’s to be famous, so how would your youtube channel get to the top few places? This process is long, and nothing but easy. Today, I will try my very best to teach you every technique I have learned from my years of experience.

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This is probably the most important step. You spent millions of dollars to make thousands of people view your content, instead of getting subscribers, you just get a bunch of video dislikes. That is because you did not provide valuable content that people are willing to spend time on! You need to provide interesting content, no matter the topic, that would interest your audience.

Here is a basic timeline of how your video should look like:

  1. Introduction
  2. Video Main part
  3. Subscribe and like
  4. Credits

You might have noticed that many YouTubers urge their viewers to subscribe. But instead of doing that, you should let your viewers enjoy your content, then let them gladly subscribe and like. That is how you should build a loyal audience base, or your audience will try to find less annoying YouTubers.

The structure of a video is important, so pay attention to it.

But If you are not really experienced in editing videos, flex clip might be a good choice.


A youtube channels description is a key part of its success.

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