How to Make a Data Pack for Minecraft

Vedio tutorial(Scroll down for text tutorial.)

Step 1(Download the nessesary files):

Please visit this page and download the files nesesary for every data pack:

Download the file

Now download visual studio code, a very famous IDE used for data packs:

Now you have everything ready! Check that visual studio code is working, then move on!

Part 2 Coding:

Now open your newly installed visual studio code, select file, then open folder.

Now select the datapack base folder you should have downloaded before hand.

Left hand window

That is what your window should look like, it might not look exactly alike, and that does not matter. Anyway, you have a working datapack now! But let’s make some changes to that datapack!

So now press functions, if you can’t find it, open all the folders by clicking the triangles until they point down. If you still don’t see the label function, contact us from our contact page. We will assist you until you are satisfied.

Anyway, press functions, then press on the new file icon.

Press the button circled red. Name the file with the extention .mcfunction. A file name example will me:


Press the button I circled red on the picture above to create a new file under function. Now you can use minecraft cheats(Without slashes) to program your function.

Example cheat to summon a zombie:

execute at @a run summon zombie

That code will summon a zombie to every single player when running that function.

Testing your data pack

So you should have made a function a long while ago. Now go to Minecraft, then create a new world. Name it as you usually would, then select datapack.

Select data packs

Now drag and drop the data pack base file, which you should have saved.

Pres the arrow

Then press the arrow I have circled above, then click done. Now you can create your world as you normally would! Then type /reload. After that, you should see a blue message. That means the data pack worked! Now use the function you have created earlier on.

To use that function, type /function wave:function name

Function name is the name before .mcfunction. If your function does not work, you can visit the video tutorial I linked above for more details.

If the data pack worked

If the data pack worked, please subscribe below for more accurate tutorials. To the people who did not succeed, you might want to re-read my guide or watch the video above. I would recommend you contact me for further assistant.

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