How to get a professionally designed logo for free

When you start a website or a store or a business, you will always need a logo. A logo is what makes your business your business. We know how hard it is to make your logo, so we decided to offer our readers a gift. I know, this gift sounds too good to be true, but we are going to make a free logo for you.

I know, usually, it costs a lot, we are offering you 100% off, you have nothing to lose, just tell us your email, and your business name in the form below, and you will have your logo. Oh fine, we still have a budget, so this page will be deleted after we have made the maximum limit we have planned. If you are reading this page, most likely we haven’t deleted this page, so just cross your fingers and submit the form below!

Submit the form to get your logo:(If you prefer to do it yourself, read on)

That will be in the middle of your logo and is important for others to know the logo is yours.

We recommend using a tool build by Shopify called Hatchful. Hatchful is a completely free logo maker, Shopify made Hatchful mainly for business recognition. But the main point is that Hatchful does the job! Hatchful might not be the BEST logo maker, but it is free! So just try it out!

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