How to get a Minecraft server for free!(Also includes how to download Mods)

Part 1-UnModded:

If you have any troubles when in this guide, you can always contact us. We would be eager to help you solve your problem as fast as we can, usually within a few hours. This is a beginner-friendly guide, so everyone should be able to follow this guide with no problems whatsoever!

The first step is to visit aternos, a reliable free host. Once you are there, click play. After that, register your account.

Aternos sign up

Now enter your details for an Aternos account! Once you sign up, change your server name at the new window and press create a server. That should bring you to a similar screen like mine.

Aternos Home Page

Your screen might look different from mine. First, your software would be vanilla, which is fine. And your version would be newer. I choose an older version to suit forge.

Now press options, and turn cracked on!

Turn Cracked On

Remember to turn Cracked On, it is very important if you are using TLauncher or other unofficial Minecraft Launchers. Now you can start the server and Play Minecraft!

Part-2 Modded


To do the modded part, complete the unmodded part first.

Press software, then select forge. After that, download forge version 1.16.5(36.2.8). For the most features.

Select the one with a red circle.

Now, press install. You have forge now! To check that forge is correctly installed, check if you have the tab “Mod”.

Select Mods

Now, press Mods and download a mod! That is all! If you want to add guns to your server, I recommend checking our video on how to do that!

Now you are all finished! Go to our contact page for help if you still need help!

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