How to get a Business email plus website for less than 35.4

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The free option: Contact us and we will make you an email address with a subdomain. E.G

I know you do not believe me, $35.4 dollars for a business email AND a website. Not to mention a very good one with dedicated support!

They even offer 97 days money-back meaning you can get a full refund if you decide it is not the best for you within 97 days!

Step 1:

Click this to go to the Dreamhost website, then go to Dreamhost shared hosting. to go there, hover over hosting, then choose shared hosting.

shared hosting

That should bring you to a screen where you have two choices, shared starters or shared unlimited, shared unlimited will bring you with a free email, so that is what we will choose.

shared unlimited

Now press sign up now, the one under shared unlimited and enter your details. When you are in the checkout screen, click on the arrow at the bottom of your screen.

This should give you a list of things to check or uncheck, just do the same as me.

Now you can safely checkout. Remember that you can get your money back within 97 days!

Okay, now you checked out and chose your password. You successfully finished your first step. Now I will tell you how to get your website and email. For the website, click here, you can skip the buying Dreamhost part, for the email, we will get you covered in this article.

Now, go to your Dreamhost home screen, select Mail, then select manage emails.

Now press Create new email address.

Now you will be able to fill a form, just fill it however you like. After you finished creating your email address, go to this link. Where you can sign in to the email address you choose. You should be able to choose your email and password when filling the new email form.

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