How to generate a website heatmap for free

What is a website heatmap? A website heatmap is a map that shows you where on your website is the most popular. In this tutorial, we will be using smartlook. With smartlook, you can access heatmaps as well as an anonymous audience recording.

First, you will need to sign up for a free smartlook account at You can go to smartlook by clicking that. Now that you are in smartlook, create your account.

press create free account

Now that you have a smartlook account, smartlook will want you to answer some questions. Just answer them.

After you finish your quiz, you will see this.

Just ignore it for now and go back to your WordPress website.(If you are not using WordPress, contact us and we will teach you.)

Now in your wordpress dashboard, hover over plugins and choose add new plugin.

Now search for smartlook, and press install, then activate.

Now you have the smartlook plugin! Press smartlook in the list of plugins at the left, then connect your smartlook account with the plugin.

After you have connected your account, go back to smartlook and press code is deployed.

Now you have your smartlook account all setup! You will have to wait for a few days while smartlook collects data, then you can make your heatmap!

To make your heatmap, go to your smartlook dashboard, select the fire icon.

Now press new heatmap, enter the page you want a heatmap of, then enter a name, and create your heatmap! You will have to wait for a few minutes while smartlook does the work.

Contact us if you need help, and hope you have a successful website!

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