👋How to convert ANY website into a desktop application(In 30 Seconds)

I can’t think of a better way to start the day than by creating a desktop app. Can you? Today, I will be giving you the ✊power to convert any website into a desktop application.

If you prefer a video guide:

Video Guide

Step 1:

Download the LTS of Node JS: https://nodejs.org/en/

Then open the command prompt(On windows) or the equivalent on your operating system(terminal for mac).

Windows Terminal application

Note: It does not matter what OS you are using.

Step 2:

Now we will need to install a GitHub tool called nativefier to your device globally.

To do so, type in the following script into the command prompt(or the equivalent) and hit enter:

npm install -g nativefier

Give it a minute to install.

Step 3:

After nativefier has been installed, type the following code, replacing the words your website with the website domain you want to convert into an app.

nativefier 'your website'

Here is an example:
nativefier 'dev.to'

After that, hit enter and wait for it to load. This time, it might take several minutes.

Step 4:

Finally, when it has finished loading, all that is left to do is to test out your own desktop app.

To do so, open the path that has been shown on the command prompt. You can do so from the file opener of your OS. File explorer for windows or finder for MacBooks.

Once you are in the path provided, open up the executable file and your app should pop up.


Thanks for finishing this post, I hope it helped you. If you have any questions, please comment below. I will respond ASAP.

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