Google Meet vs Zoom(Updated)


I tested both google Meet and zoom to write this article. Im my test, I did slightly like zoom better than google Meet. But I think if you do not want to pay, google meet is better than zoom.

Ease Of Use:

Winner: Google Meet

Google Meet’s dashboard is slightly more easy to use. They have a clean interface for absolute beginners:

Google Meet
Google Meet

While zoom’s dashboard is slightly more complicated:


Winner: Zoom

Zoom has more features than google hangout causing a slightly more confusing interface.

ZoomGoogle Meet
Waiting RoomWaiting Room
Share ScreenShare Screen
Mute/Unmute yourselfMute/Unmute Yourself
Record meetingRecord Meeting
Premium PlansPremium Plans
Breakout Room(For Free)Breakout Rooms(WIll Cost)
1 to 1 SupportNo
Chat limitationsBasic Chat
Video FiltersNo video Filter
Comparison chart

But a problem with zoom is that they keep advertising their paid plans, at least more than google meet, but zoom is better than many other hosting companies.


I think that zoom is slightly better than google meet in video conferencing. Just because zoom is made for that purpose. Not like google which is made mostly for their Gmail, Google search and so on.

But yes, both have a free version so you can test both out yourself! If you want a personalized recommendation, go to our contact page.

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