Dreamhost Review

Disclosure: If you buy products through some of our links, we might receive a small amount of money which we put back to this very website. This will not cause any additional cost to you, some will even provide cheaper services for you. This does not mean we will exaggerate about how good Dreamhost is, to earn money!

We are proud to say that our article is based 100% on true facts and experience.

About dreamhost:

Dreamhost is a WordPress hosting company that started about 20 years ago. They are recommended with siteground and Bluehost on the wordpress.org website.

Credit: wordpress.org

So DreamHost does have a reasonably good reputation.

Dreamhost Dashboard:

A dashboard is a management system of a software. That is where you do stuff, in this case, maybe install WordPress. This is the look of the DreamHost dashboard:

Dreamhost dashboard

It is actually really simple to use! We actually have an article explaining exactly how to make a website with Dreamhost hosting WordPress. Press website then WordPress and you can start making your website!

Dreamhost speed:

I would not say Dreamhost is the fastest website hosting, but our website is hosted with Dreamhost and it is not that slow? Even though that we don’t waste our time making our website 1s faster, we focus on making reliable content more. (Not to brag) You can expect a very fast website for people living in the US(Less than 1s), maybe slightly slower for Australia(less than 2s). Slowest in Germany(+2s). These are results based on real data.

So I will say that you can expect your Dreamhost website to load faster than 3 seconds in normal conditions. An average will be one or two seconds. If you want a website to load within one second, then Dreamhost isn’t right for you unless you want to try Dreampress. Dreampress will cost 16 dollars per month if paid annually, if paid month by month, then 12 dollars for the first 3 months. You can buy DreamPress with this link. As I said before, buying through our links will not cause any damage whatsoever to you. We promise.

If you want a fast website with DreamHost and you do not want to use WordPress as your CMS, consider using Dreamhost VPS. This again will help us if you buy through our link.


So, is Dreamhost good? Short answer, yes, it was good in our studies. Maybe not so good if you want lightning-fast websites for an extraordinarily cheap cost, but yes, Dreamhost should be a fit for most people. If you want a personal recommendation, you can always contact us on our contact page. And thanks for reading our article. Just remember that you can get your money back within 97 days if you choose Dreamhost shared hosting. Subscribe from under this page to be the first one to know ANYTHING!

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