Could you trust reviews?

A review on the first page on google does not mean it is real. If you are planning to make a website and you want to make it with WordPress, you might search for “Best hosting providers.” This might be what you get:

That is a whole list! Why do they put so much website hosting! I got that from the first page of google, trust me. Search yourself. When you get that, read the reviews, all of them, or at least most are positive. Even though humans write reviews when they are dissatisfied more. So why are all the reviews positive? That does not make sense? Why are most reviews positive when humans write reviews more if they had negative experiences?

We did a lot of research on that topic and found the answer, I think this screenshot should be enough:

Seriously! Get $65 for referring someone! Bluehost isn’t the only one, name any host, search up the hostname followed by the word affiliate, you will almost always get a result like that.

That is why you will only see positive reviews, and usually a lot of them on one page, why would they put so much on one page? So it is more likely that you will like one! So the straight answer to the title, no, you cannot trust all reviews, or even most. Some reviews will make very good speeches about how reliable their reviews are, anyone could write those words, it is the facts that you need to listen to.

Why are all reviews different:

Why are almost all reviews different, which should you trust? This one or that one? All of these reviews are different, some reviews say that Bluehost is very good, others say how terrible Bluehost is, more than half of the reviews haven’t even tested Bluehost. So if some reviews say that Bluehost is good, others say that Bluehost is bad, is Bluehost good or bad? Any products will have good reviews and bad reviews, which should you trust. Answer neither. Trust the facts.

In our reviews, we put facts about the product and you decide if it is good or bad, I personally hope all review sites could do that. Facts are true, opinions are different, that is why reviews are different. E.G: Look at the trust pilot rating of the item.

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