Best live chat platforms

Important: Many live chat review articles use affiliate links and give out biased opinions about live chat platforms just because that particular live chat platform pays them the most. This article contains no affiliate links and is based on our true testing.

Before we start, I recommend you read this article to help you decide if live chat is the best choice for your website. Now then, you decided that live chat is a good choice for you, time to choose a live chat platform!

There are loads online, today, I will recommend exactly 3. One if you are willing to pay, one if you want a free one, and one that has a free plan, but is best for experts.

Jivo Chat(The Free one):

Jivo chat is the live chat platform we are using at the time of writing, they offer a clean interface that is user friendly, the best part about jivochat is the ability to see what the audience is typing before they even click submit!

This is a very useful feature I loved about Jivochat. They also have a not bad free version, which is somewhat limited. JivoChat is beginner-friendly, at least kind of, they also have a very nice support manager.

I would put JivoChat on the good list, meaning please check out JivoChat now and tell me what you think about it!

On-web-chat(More advanced):

A slightly more advanced choice for more advanced users who are willing to take a challenge and get cheaper costs. If you need help anytime with Onwebchat, contact me either from live chat or from my support page, preferably my support page. Hover over accounts/contact us, then click contact to contact me. I might not be there if you contact me by live chat.

OnWebChat costs 6 dollars per month for premium, the free one is, free! They do offer 14 days of free trial for their premium one.

Live Chat(Costs):

If you are willing to pay 16 dollars per month, Live Chat is probably the best option for you. They offer the most advanced features and is the least likely to shut down from this whole list.

We personally don’t use live chat because we do not want to do the switch, I am not stating that Live Chat is the only working one or even the best one on the list, I am just saying that Live Chat is the most reliable One.

This is a bonus one I decided to add. is a completely free live chat tool I recommend using. We recently changed from Jivochat to, we are planning to move to Live Chat as we recently reached 2000 pageviews.

This is a scribbled version of’s dashboard:


The exact live chat platform does not really matter, it is how you talk to your audience that matters, but do not choose a live chat platform that is not too terrible. Anything on this list will serve you okay, I am sure.

If you still want a personal suggestion live chat with me now or contact me on my contact page. I will recommend contacting me on my contact page as my live chat might not work. No harm trying!

I actually love hearing from you, a lot, so you are welcome to contact me anytime!

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