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Before we start, I would advise you to read this. Because that article will tell you why all reviews are different and which ones to trust. We will update allour articles regularly (At least every month) which is more regular than normal articles. We do that so that you will get the best and most recent info.

Best hosting provider for you:

We tested a lot of WordPress hosting providers and took a lot of time to make this quiz for you to answer, after you answer these questions, you will get a straightforward answer of the best host for your needs! It works!

If you do not trust an AI machine to do the thinking for you, just scroll down, we will give you a detailed comparison below.

Detailed comparison

Okay, so if you are here, you might not trust our form to do the thinking for you, so just read on, you will get your answer when you scroll down.

What you want from a hosting provider:

If you are finding a hosting provider for yourself, you will most likely be trying to figure out how to host a website of yours. If you are, then you do not want your website to shut down. Do you want to find a hosting provider that big brands are using? Then when you find that hosting provider, are you sure that the hosting provider is the best one for you? Maybe no, because it is too complex, or just too expensive, again, you will have to think about your budget.

Finding a perfect hosting provider is just not an easy task, and that is probably why you are here. You want to know the answer that most people got wrong. It took me quite a while to figure out this question, and now I did, and I do not want you to make the wrong choice. Okay, I’ve done too much talking, so let’s start!

What hosting providers to avoid:

A straight answer from me, avoid all Newfold Digital owned companies. Newfold Digital owns a lot of companies, all of them started becoming worse, in support, speed and in performance. An example will be bluehost, Bluehost started out well, even got officially reccomended by, but now, do not even try them as a test.

Credit to
Credit to

If you are good at websites and hosting, you will probably hear of This is a screenshot directly took from website planet, that is why you should avoid any Newfold Digital owned companies, so which ones do I recommend?

Reccomended hosting in depth:

Now we wrote a bunch of nonsense and you still do not know the best hosting provider for you right? Well you won’t go bad no-matter which one you choose, it is your website that is the most important, If you are in short of time, pick a random one and use it, do not like it, request money back, come back, choose another one, want more detail, read on.

1# Dreamhost:

I know, Dreamhost is in most reviews, read any, you will find Dreamhost. Here is a pro and con breakdown for Dreamhost:


  • Easy To Use
  • Great Support
  • 100% uptime guarantee!
  • 97 day money back on shared hosting!
  • Free Emails For any plan except the cheapest one!
  • Great month to month payment system.
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Not owned by Newfold Digital!!!


  • Not too fast (Fastest for the prize)

If you are interested in Dreamhost, consider reading our Dreamhost review! Trust me, you won’t go bad with Dreamhost, after all, you got nothing to lose with a money-back guarantee of 97 days! Trust me, Dreamhost will not lie, and they are legally bound to give your money back at request.

I am sure that you will not go wrong with Dreamhost, even at spike traffic!


Siteground is also a reliable hosting provider, they do not offer dedicated servers, but are pretty fast. Siteground is also expensive, so go to Dreamhost if you are just starting out.


  • Fast
  • Not owned by Newfold Digital!!!


  • Kind of expensive
  • Second term is more expensive
  • Powered by google cloud

I know, I said powered by google cloud is a bad thing, why? The answer, you can get a free year of hosting right in google cloud, why use site ground as the middle bridge? If siteground or google shut down, won’t you lose your website? Double chance of shutting down. Siteground is still really fast and is used by famous brands too. You can give siteground a chance if you want.


I know, what kind of list is this! 2 Hosting providers! Wierd “list” right? I know, other reviews give out dozens of options, they just want to rank better on google and have more chance of you buying through their link! You will rank better on Google if your content is longer.

They want you to buy through their links to earn money. We also do that, but the money we earn is used to support this website. Our website needs hosting too. I hope I got this review when I was picking my hosting provider, instead of getting an answer, I just know more hosting providers and need to think more! Anyway, you won’t go bad with Dreamhost or siteground. I am sure.

Other alternative hosting providers are listed below(Hosting providers that are worth your research):

  • A2 Hosting
  • Inmotion hosting
  • GreenGeeks
  • Hostinger
    • WP Engine(For big wordpress websites)

You will go okay with any hosting from the list. Dreamhost will be best for most people, scroll up and read our short review for Dreamhost!

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