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1# Filmforth(Requires download):

Filmforth is a free video editing software that you can download from the Microsoft store. A very decent free video editor providing a ton of features! I strongly recommend you check out film forth. You won’t regret it. Now let’s dive into some more Film forths features!


  • No watermark
  • Free
  • A lot of features
  • Neat
  • Quick tools
  • A youtube channel with tuturials
  • Great video quality(1080p)


  • Slow export(5 minute)
  • Too much features might make filmforth complicated

Now I am going to share a screenshot of film forth.

Filmforth video editing

As you can see, filmforth does not promote any premium plans or any other annoying stuff. The whole editing experience should be smooth.

2# Clipchamp(Bad Video Quality)

Clipchamp is a browser-based video editor. The free version provides a lot of features other free video editors won’t allow. The most serious con for Clipchamp is the video export quality.


  • Free
  • No watermark
  • Reasnablly feature rich


  • Bad quality for free plan(480P)

3# Flexclip(Video length limit)(Sponsered):

The only large con for flex clip is you need premium to get a long video that is longer than 1 minute. But the dashboard is beginner friendly and the app is feature-rich!


  • Feature Rich
  • Easy to Use
  • Bunch of paid plans


  • A short ad at the start
  • 480P export


Here Is a conclusion of what we discussed in the article.

Best for short videos:


Best for people who want high-quality(HD) videos:


Best for people who want long videos and want to edit online:


Hope you have enjoyed this review!

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