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Why take your time and visit Us?

I spend countless hours writing articles, editing them, gathering information and sorting technical difficulties. Making a company isn’t so easy. It is not about sitting down and doing nothing. It is about spending your time working on your company, developing it layers after layers.

Making a website is already a hard task, but we also provide videos to some of our tutorials. All of the work we have done is free. I have been working on my website and youtube channel for months now, and I haven’t earned a single penny. And I don’t plan to. If by some great miracle, I do get a few pennies, they will be redirected back to my website. Meaning that all the money I make would be to support this website.

I already worked on this website for months, made a few automatic systems, so why not make the most of it! I spent my time and effort. If only 1 person learns something from my content, I would be very happy. That happiness is worth more than all the money in the world.

Want an idea of what to do now, visit my smart AI adviser at the bottom of this page!

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Want advice, contact us from our contact page or by live chat!

P.S: It is recommended to contact us from our contact page. You can still do live chat, but we might not be online.

Things you can do now(Completely free):

Thanks for scrolling to this part of our page, here is a list of things you can do now!

  • Subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of any page to get notified when we make some big changes(1 click unsubscribe) Subscribing to our news letter is one of the biggest rewards you can give us, it would be a pleasure to add you on our list! If the world is accturally going to get distroyed, you want to be the first one to know! We are a small company, but we have a lot of gargets!
  • Share us with a friend(Sharing is Caring!) Thanks for visiting our website, if you think one of your friends might want to visit us, you can share us with your friend. After you share, tell us, we would give you a secret reward! We trust you!
  • Put a link from your website to ours(We would know, and we would be thankful.) We are one of the most High-tech websites and we have a way of knowing it when someone links to our website. At the end of every day, I check my data, and will reward you the best we can.
  • Visit us again sometime! We like it when our visitors come back! Most users just come on our website, learn something, and never come back! Everyone is welcome to come back! If you want to be reminded every few months, then you can subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of any page.
  • Bookmark us!(Control D on windows Press the star for mac) Another way to remind yourself of us.
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That’s all! Hope you have a great day visiting our website!

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